Matthieu PASQUET

Engineering for research

Electronic and Software technologies for research and innovative applications!
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Who am I

I am an electronic hardware, embedded software and software research engineer. I have more than 10 years of experience in various domains ranging from aeronautics to neuroscience research. I have an extensive experience building novel and innovative devices or software for supporting basic or industrial research.

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What do I offer

I propose engineering services including hardware, embedded software and software design. I can provide these services individually but also manage the full development of a product or experimental setup. I also propose organizational services aimed at improving your data collection processes by reviewing your experimental methods and tools.

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For who

My customers include public research institutions looking for services to implement novel methods as well as industrial companies in search of innovative tools for making a difference with their competitors. I am used to work with people having no technical background and I will help you translate your needs in technical requirements.

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Example projects

Miniature wireless data acquisition devices, movement and orientation sensors, USB interface for digital sensors, experimental setup real-time control software, custom behavioral control setups, custom video tracking software and more!

About Me

A technical expertise to enable innovative projects
Overcome the technical obstacles to building your ideas!

I am a research engineer. I have an MSc in hardware and software digital systems architecture backed by a technical education in electronic engineering and automatic control systems.

I have gathered many skills over more than 10 years. I have worked half of my career for the aeronautical industry, first as a software engineer then as a system engineer and as an operations research engineer. I acquired most of my organizational skills from this industrial experience. For the other half of my career I worked for several academic research institutions, mainly internationally. I served as a technical platform manager, a lab research engineer or as a research associate. I used my technical expertise in hardware, embedded software and software engineering to build innovative devices and experimental setups to support basic research.

Beside work, I’m also a private pilot! I like the sensation of flight, I like navigating, discovering new places and watching the world from a different point of view. And as for work, flying requires rigor and comes with important responsibilities.

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  • Analog, Digital, Radio, Sensors, ...

  • Assembly, C, ...

  • NI Labview, C, ...

  • From an idea to a product!

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Whether you just need information or already have a well defined project, drop me a line!